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This low mileage Onewheel GT comes with the original charger, a tool for changing parts, the original manual, a free lesson, as well as a 2 week/200 kilometre warranty. The board works just the way it did when it was brand new and is free of any error codes or funny noises.


Onewheel GT Specs:


TOP SPEED*: ~ 32 km/h (20 mph)

MAX RANGE*: ~ 52 kms (32 mi)

WEIGHT: 35 lbs (16 kgs)



I have several different colour rail guards, fenders, and other accessories available. Please contact me to see what I have so I can customize it for you!


My Promise:


Boards that are sold through Charged work perfectly because they have gone through a comprehensive testing sheet that includes but is not limited to testing the battery, motor, and sensors. They have all been deemed as fully operational vehicles by a personal electric vehicle expert.


With this being said, the board comes with a 2 week or 200 kilometre warranty which covers the board not turning on, a significant decrease of range compared to advertised, and a few other items. Please contact me for a more comprehensive description of the warranty and what it covers.


I am located in Guelph, however, I travel to Toronto weekly and am also willing to meet within reasonable distance in the GTA.


I am looking forward to getting you on a board you’ll love.


- Mark

Lightly Used Onewheel GT Treaded

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