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The Onewheel + XR is debated to be the best Onewheel ever made and is almost impossible to find brand new in 2023. I have a limited stock and once they sell out they will not be re-fufilled.


Onewheel XR Specs:


MOTOR : 750W Hypercore hub motor

TIRE : 11.5×6.5-6 Vega


TYPICAL RANGE : 12-18 MI / 19-29 KM

RECHARGE TIME : 100 mins* (FY6303200 charger)


The board comes with everything you will need including the original manual, stickers, charger, a free lesson, as well as a warranty from Onewheel. I also have rail guards, fenders, as well as other accessories in stock. Please reach out to see what I have available so I can customize it for you!


Located in Guelph, I travel to Toronto weekly and I am also willing to ship. You can contact me at 416-523-8498 via call or text.


Thanks for your time!

Brand New Onewheel XR

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