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Which Onewheel is Best For You?

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding between the different Onewheels.

This short guide will cover the:

  1. Onewheel + XR (Also known as the "XR")

  2. Onewheel Pint

  3. Onewheel Pint X

  4. Onewheel GT

The focus of this guide doesn't revolve around the specs of the boards as they are documented in large online. Rather it focuses on the experiences I've had selling a few hundred Onewheels and determining which will be best for my customers needs.

1. Rider Size

The first thing you'll want to think about relates to your total weight and shoe size. The maximum recommended weight for the Onewheel + XR and GT is 275lbs whereas the Onewheel Pint and Pint X is 250lbs.

Heavier riders on less powerful boards should expect a decreased total range, as well as slower hill climbs and acceleration.

Footpad Size

Pint and Pint X footpads are fairly small compared to the XR and GT footpads, but that doesn't mean they don't do the trick. Anyone wearing a shoe size 11 mens or 9.5 womens and higher should consider that their feet will hang off of the footpads quite a bit. This is not as big of a deal as you may think, especially if the boards purpose is for errands and you're hoping on and off frequently.

XR footpads are the only footpads that are made of wood rather than a plastic material on the GT and Pint models. They are a very healthy size and slightly smaller than the GT, which has stock concave footpads.

2. What do You Want to Use it For?

When buying a Onewheel, you may be picturing using the board for a specific trip. Perhaps to the gym, office/work/or on a trail that you love and know the Onewheel would be great for. Use google maps to figure out how far those distances are and if they would be sufficient to ride the Onewheel on. On google maps, select a trip and use bicycle directions which will show you the distance of trails. Remember, google maps bicycle directions assumes an average speed of 16km/hour. You're cruising speed on a Onewheel could be above or below this, It's all up to you!

If the trip you desire to go on wouldn't leave enough range to take you back, consider bringing the charger with you! Hyper chargers are also available for the Onewheel which can charge the board in half of the time! When you get to your destination, consider where you would leave your board. A Pint and Pint X would be easier to store in a small gym locker over a XR or GT. If you're not sure if your board would fit in your locker or under your desk comfortably, measure!

Onewheel For The Purpose of Last Mile Transport

If you are primarily using your Onewheel for the purposes of commuting in conjunction with public transit, the Pint and Pint X will be your best two options. They are smaller and easier to carry with the built in handle. But remember, you may fall in love with that last mile to work and want to ride after work too, or on the weekends! Riding for recreation is always more fun on a larger frame board. Sort of like riding a Mini Cooper or an SUV. Both will get you there, one will just be a bit more comfortable. Although it is easier to park a Mini Cooper over a SUV, just some food for thought.

3. How Far And Fast do You Want to Ride?

If you purchased a Onewheel GT and only rode it 15 kilometres per hour for about 10 kilometres at a time and never accelerated fast, then you really wouldn't be getting your moneys worth. You could've bought a Pint at those specs. Although it would be really hard to find someone who could hold themselves to not explore the GT's full potential. Maybe you're a mellow rider who doesn't want to ride fast! I've been riding Onewheels for years and I always cruise between 15-20kms per hour because I'm not much of a speed demon.

You've seen these specs online everywhere if you're looking for a Onewheel but here they are:

  1. Onewheel + XR (19-29 kilometre range, 29 kilometre per hour top speed)

  2. Onewheel Pint (10-13 kilometre range, 26 kilometre per hour top speed)

  3. Onewheel Pint X (19-29 kilometre range, 29 kilometre per hour top speed)

  4. Onewheel GT (32-52 kilometre range, 32 kilometre per hour top speed)

Some other important notes

If you're debating between the XR and Pint X, they are very similar boards despite their frame. Both have the same range and top speed. Pint X has a smaller form factor, the light bar, and a more rounded tire. Those are basically the only things that separate them as the range and top speed are the same.

Selecting a Tire

One of the biggest misconceptions new Onewheel riders have about tires is that they will need a treaded tire to ride off-road. While this makes it marginally easier to ride off-road, the biggest difference between the tires lies in the shape of the tire. Some tires are more square, and some tires are more round.

For example, the Onewheel XR's stock tire is very square and therefore feels "stable" to those who are learning for the first time. New riders who ride the Pint, Pint X, or GT side by side the XR may select the XR because its more "stable". Although it is more stable at first, you'll quickly develop muscle memory to balance yourself on any tire. Once you've learned properly, you'll really appreciate having a more rounded tire as it is much easier to carve on: the whole reason we are all here!

4. Try One Out First if Possible

If you've got a friend with a Onewheel, try it a few times and have them teach you to ride! This will help you wrap your head around the sport before getting your own. If you don't have a friend with one, reach out to your nearest dealer, maybe they'll have some demo units you can try.

The self balancing sensation is very weird to get used to, and depending on your board sports experience, your learning curve will vary.

My 30 minute demos usually end with customers getting the hang of the board. If possible, try to start learning on an XR with a stock tire.

If you are in Southern Ontario, contact me and we can book a free demo.

If there is something I didn't cover that you have a question about feel free to contact me! I'm happy to talk through any of this with you to make sure you're picking one thats right for you.

Cell Phone: (416) 523-8498

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