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Buying A Onewheel New vs Used

Updated: Mar 10

Buying a Onewheel but can't decide which route to go down? This guide can help!

Reasons for Buying New

1. You are a Person That Demands That 'Brand New' Unboxing Feeling

This is a completely understandable thing to want when purchasing a product. When you order a brand new Onewheel, you get to smell that factory smell, you can see exactly how its supposed to be packaged in the box, you are the first one ever to turn it on and ride it. If this feeling is really important to you, and you have the extra money to pay for it, perhaps thats the right way to go! You may also be a person that doesn't like anyone else touching their things, if thats you, than buying a new Onewheel ensures no one else has ridden it.

2. The New Onewheel Route is a Much More 'Safe' Option to go Down

Less stress on wether or not the one you are buying has been tampered with or if it has been neglected. It's also important to mention that the Onewheel is manufactured in the USA and is a really solid product. However, buying new provides a unique peace of mind. Buying a new Onewheel also means that it will come with a warranty, unlike buying one from a private seller would.

Some things to consider:

  1. What if the old seller stored the Onewheel in their garage over the winter?

  2. What if they rode it in the rain a lot?

  3. What if they took it on lots of drops and rode it really hard?

3. There Could be a Small Selection of Used of Onewheels Available to you

Depending on where you live, the amount of Onewheels available to you could be very limited. The model that you want may not be available in your area, and you may not feel comfortable with someone sending their Onewheel to you in the mail because you're not sure how to exchange in a safe way.

4. Financing

Perhaps you want to finance your Onewheel and the only option is to go brand new!

Reasons for Buying Used

1. Take Advantage of New to Lightly Used Depreciation

Let other people pay for the 'brand new' feeling, you pay for the value! If you'd rather save a few hundred dollars and sacrifice that brand new feeling than go for it. Similar to a brand new car, once the Onewheel has been turned on and ridden for the first time, it depreciates. Meaning, that the first ride is one of the most expensive ones you could ever have. When purchasing a Onewheel thats been ridden you are buying after a big depreciation point has been met.

2. Used Onewheels Could Come With Plenty of Accessories

Accessories (in almost any sport) are one of the fastest depreciating items, let other people buy them and save money when sellers are giving them away with their Onewheel.

3. You can Negotiate a Price!

Save money when you buy a used Onewheel by paying in Cash! You can negotiate a price with individual sellers on sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji to find one within your price range.

4. If its Your First Onewheel

If this is your first Onewheel, than it may be wise to get one that is already scratched up a little bit. That way you won't feel guilty learning and scratching up a brand new board. Then, you get a brand new one afterwards down the road when you want to upgrade to a bigger model! Alternative to this suggestion are rail guards. They will protect the raw rails of the board while you are learning to ride!

5. You Can Get it in Your Hands Immediately (In Most Cases!)

This one really depends on where you live. Perhaps there aren't any Onewheel retailers close by, or they are all out of stock! You want to have your Onewheel as soon as possible so you can get riding, especially in Canada where our prime riding season is short. Picking one up from a local seller on Kijiji or Facebook can mean you get riding almost instantly.

6. You Can Test Ride it Before You Buy it

When buying a used Onewheel you are able to test ride it before you buy it! In some cases, you may realize right then and there that you want to explore some of the other models before deciding on one.

Reasons for Buying From Charged Canada

The Used vs New Onewheel debate is at the cornerstone of my small business.

I tried my best to take the benefits from buying both new and used and apply them.

1. You get to Pay a Reduced Price From New, You Still get Peace of Mind With a Warranty, a Large Selection to Choose From, and the Ability to Finance

All of the boards sold by Charged Canada come with a 500 kilometre warranty and have been thoroughly tested by a Onewheel enthusiast. They have all gone through a comprehensive testing sheet are guaranteed to work otherwise they will be replaced with another unit. Financing is also available through Afterpay, contact me for more details regarding that. I am always open to learning about what is most important to my customer and choosing a board for them based on criteria we can work out together.

2. You get to Test Ride all the Models First! (For Those in Southern Ontario)

For those in Southern Ontario, feel free to come by and test out all of the different Onewheel models to figure out which is perfect for you! The best way to figure it out sometimes is by trying them side by side.

3. I am Here to be a Resource for you

I am here to serve Canadians nearly 24/7 with any Onewheel related questions. No matter what stage you are in with your Onewheel search, I am happy to walk you through your concerns and questions so I can point you in the right direction, wether that is buying brand new or used, or not buying one at all. I promise to be authentic in my recommendation to you.

Take care and good luck in your decision!

Mark Mooradian

Owner/Operator Charged Canada

(416) 523-8498

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